Membership Update: CIPS Alberta and CIPS National Renew Joint Commitment to IT Professionalism and Certification in Alberta and Canada

CIPS Alberta and CIPS National are very pleased to inform you that under new leadership at the national level, CIPS National and CIPS Alberta have reaffirmed their commitment to you, the CIPS Alberta member, and to the general public.  This will allow us to once again streamline the membership renewal process for our members and to reconfirm CIPS’ commitment to IT Professionalism across all of Canada.  CIPS National and CIPS Alberta have since renewed their shared services agreement, which means:

  • You will receive invoices for membership or certification renewal from the National organization on behalf of CIPS Alberta.  Please pay those invoices promptly to keep receiving the benefits of membership and certification.

More importantly, the closer collaboration between National and Alberta will ensure:

  • Your representatives in CIPS Alberta and CIPS National will be working together, along with all CIPS provincial organizations across Canada responsible for IT Professionalism, to advance the profession and protect the public.
  • Post-secondary institutions in Alberta, including those you may have attended, will continue to be eligible for accreditation according to national and international standards.
  • Your professional certifications will continue to be recognized at a provincial, national, and international level through ongoing cooperation here in Canada and abroad with our partnership agreements across the globe.

CIPS Alberta and our sister societies across Canada are currently working on new agreements to ensure mobility of professionals across the country with a focus on supporting member societies’ objectives to regulate the practice of IT in their respective provinces.  These agreements will deliver more value to CIPS members across Canada, including in Alberta.

2018 is the 60th anniversary of CIPS and a proud history. Many of the founders of computing itself were also founders of CIPS.  As times change, IT Professionalism in Alberta and across Canada is more important than ever.  With widespread cybersecurity issues and seemingly daily breaches of financial, private, and other information, our mission to protect the public from unskilled and unethical practice in IT has never been more relevant.

We need your help.  You can have input into the future of IT professional practice and certification at the local, provincial, national, or even international level.  Without your continued support, the public and the world is indeed at risk.  Contact the CIPS Alberta office today to learn more about all the opportunities available to participate!

Thank you for your continued dedication and commitment to professionalism in the practice of information technology.

Sincerely yours,

Ken Barker, Ph.D., I.S.P., ITCP
President, Canadian Information Processing Society of Alberta

Derek Burt, I.S.P., ITCP
Chair, National Board of Directors
Canadian Information Processing Society - L'Association Canadienne de l'Informatique

The Registration Committee is Looking for New Members

The Registration Committee:

  • ensures that each application for registration is considered that each applicant is notified of the decision
  • may grant educational credits to a registered member
  • may establish a schedule setting out the number of credits assigned to each developmental activity.

Committee members must be members in good standing with CIPS Alberta.  Individuals who hold their I.S.P. would be preferred and a minimum number of I.S.P. holders is required on the committee.

The time commitment is low but the rewards are many:

  • Help advance the profession by ensuring that ISP holders meet professional standards
  • Share your knowledge and experience
  • Acquire new knowledge and experience and expand your professional network

Contact CIPS Alberta at to learn more about the benefits you will receive, the support you will get, and the skills and qualifications we are looking for in committee members.


ISP preferred --- CIPS Alberta is looking for a CEO!

Reporting to the CIPS Alberta Board, the ideal candidate will be a well-respected senior leader in ICT.  The CEO possesses a passion for the promotion of the highest level of professionalism and confidence in ICT practitioners in Alberta.  The world of ICT is complex and evolving.  The CIPS Alberta CEO will have a desire to influence best ICT outcomes through member competency and standards of practice.

This is an outstanding opportunity to lead an organization that has accomplished a great deal in advancing ICT professionalism, public protection, and effective self-regulation.  CIPS Alberta needs to regain its visibility and the use of the regulated certified designation.  It is an opportunity to envision a strategy for building new relationships, programmes, and partnerships to take the organization forward.

For further information, please contact Patricia Glenn through

CIPS Alberta transitions responsibility for membership registration

Dear CIPS Alberta Member,

The CIPS Alberta Board has decided to transition the responsibilities for membership registration and certification administration from the national organization to CIPS Alberta effective May 5, 2017.  This is an administrative change only and does not affect the governance of the organization.

The Board believes this transition will offer a number of benefits to both members and the organization as a whole, specifically:

  • Direct control of the certification process allows the CIPS Alberta Board to make refinements that reflect Alberta's particular requirements under the Professional and Occupational Associations Registration Act of Alberta (POARA) and its Information Systems Professional Regulation, the specifics of the IT environment in Alberta, and new opportunities to extend registration of professionals under the I.S.P. designation.
  • Consolidation of our administrative functions will result in cost savings, which will be returned to the membership in the form of additional benefits.

 CIPS Alberta will use the same Alberta organization for registration as we continue to use for administrative support, so there will be familiarity, consistency, and improved availability for member service requests.  We anticipate no change in application or renewal fees for the 2017-2018 operational year.  Please also note that this has no impact on the registration status of members: certified, candidate, or otherwise.

The Alberta board remains committed to a national organization and will continue to provide the governance, funding, and volunteer resources necessary to maintain national operations.  It is our full intent to continue to support the national organization to provide the benefits of a national and international organization for our members.

Some of you will already have received a membership renewal form from the national organization.  If you have not paid it yet, please expect to receive a renewal form from CIPS Alberta in May.  For those who have paid their membership renewal, we will work with the national organization to ensure continuity of your membership and contact you directly for future renewals.

If you have any questions, please contact the CIPS Alberta office.  Thank you for your continued support and dedication to the IT profession.

Sincerely yours,

Derek Burt I.S.P., ITCP
Chair, CIPS Alberta Registration Committee