Professional Development

CIPS Alberta offers mentorships to members at all stages in their career. 

CIPS Alberta offers professional development through breakfast/lunch/dinner meetings, webcasts, seminars and conferences.

CIPS Alberta works with other related organizations to provide access to educational events at lower costs for members.

Through events and online services, CIPS Alberta supports the networking of IT professionals.

CIPS Alberta members can take ICCP exams.  (CIPS is a founding member of ICCP).  Examination bootcamps are available through CIPS Alberta and affiliated organizations.

Proficiency (SFIA)

CIPS is an accredited partner of the Skills Framework for the Information Age Foundation (SFIA --- pronounced SoFIA).  SFIA skill level descriptions provide a common language across all levels of Information and Communications Technology.  It can be used to assess the experience of IT Practitioners to SFIA's competency levels.  It is currently used in 195 countries.  

CIPS has four people in Alberta who are trained as SFIA assessors.  Employers, immigrants, and immigration services can make use of this capability to assess ICT practitioner skills to successfully place people in the right position and at the appropriate level.

Did you find an Information and Communications Technology position at the right level for your education and experience? Do you think that an assessment of your skill level would have assisted you in finding a position at the right level?